Job Opening!

The Fairfield County Chorale seeks an Operations Manager with the following qualifications:

Come join our dynamic choral organization!  The Fairfield County Chorale, Inc. (“FCC” or “Chorale”) is currently seeking applicants for the role of FCC Operations Manager.

The FCC Operations Manager will execute the administrative functions of the Chorale in a manner which assures both the reputational integrity of the FCC and supports an effective framework for rehearsals and concerts, and will support all FCC volunteer committees including finance, fundraising, music, tickets, program ads, etc., working to ensure necessary and timely communications and coordinated alignment of objectives among the various groups.  Given the variability of skillsets among volunteer leaders, the functions required of the FCC Operations Manager will vary in any given year between direct responsibility and interface/coordination/quality control in partnership with the volunteers.  The job is envisioned to require a time commitment of 60 hours per month, with greater time demands during peak season associated with concert operations and performances, and with minimal summer activity required beyond oversight of FCC mail and messages to ensure responsiveness to FCC donors and stakeholders, and operational planning for the subsequent concert season.

For more details on the position, please review the position description here.

If you would like to apply, please fill out the online job application here.  Or, download the application here and submit to:

Rick Davis
President, Board of Directors
606 Post Road East # 705
Westport, CT 06880