Happy Birthday Beethoven!

This year marks Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday!  Join the Fairfield County Chorale on March 7, 2020 for an all-Beethoven concert, including the Emperor Piano Concerto, performed by world-renowned pianist Ilya Yakushev.  Meanwhile, discover how much you know of this beloved composer!

1. What did Mozart and Beethoven have in common?
a. They both wore wigs
b. They both married singers
c. They were first taught by their fathers

C. Wigs were no longer in fashion by Beethoven’s era and Beethoven never married. Both Mozart and Beethoven were first taught music by their fathers, who were musicians in their own right.

2. Beethoven loved coffee and was obsessive about making his own. How many beans did he use?
a. 17     b. 39     c. 60

C. Beethoven used 60 beans to make his daily coffee. He would typically count these out; if he was in a hurry, he would estimate.

3. What did Beethoven do before beginning a composition?
a. Took a long walk
b. Poured cold water on his head
c. Tried the idea out with a boys’ choir

B. While Beethoven did take walks in the countryside to alleviate the awkwardness of his increasing deafness, he believed pouring cold water on his head would help him dream up beautiful music.

4. A standard CD holds 74 minutes of audio because in 1980, when the new technology was introduced, the legendary conductor Hebert Von Karajan agreed to endorse it only if listeners could hear the following iconic work by Beethoven without interruption:
a. Mass in C     b. Fifth Symphony     c. Ninth Symphony

C. Beethoven’s most iconic work is the Ninth Symphony, and the longest recording at that time was Wilhelm Furtwangler’s from 1951.

Congratulations!  You have learned a little something about Beethoven!  Purchase a ticket to our March 7th all-Beethoven concert before February 1st and be entered in a drawing for a Season of Music for our 2020-2021 season! Thanks Ludwig!