Rehearsal Info

The Chorale rehearses on Monday nights from 7pm to 9:30pm at Norwalk City Hall, 125 East Avenue in Norwalk. The group gathers in the Mary McCarthy Room, which has excellent lighting and acoustics, and was specifically designed to accommodate musical rehearsals.

Who can join?
Singers of high school age and up.

What are the requirements?
An ability to sing in tune and “match” pitches, as well as a demonstrated ability to read or be able to follow written choral music. You should also be able to blend with other singers in an ensemble, and demonstrate a commitment to attending rehearsals, learning music, and participating in an organization of people who love music and singing.

How is it done?
Members of the Chorale will greet you and answer any questions. The music director will ask you to sing (you may bring your own music if you would like), match some pitches and intervals from the piano, and sight-read. He will listen to your voice to determine which choral part you will be most comfortable singing.

What happens when I’m accepted?

•  You will be asked to pay an annual membership fee, which is non-refundable after your first rehearsal

•  The rehearsal begins at 7pm and runs until approximately 9:30pm.

•  Rehearsals run from the Monday after Labor Day through to the final concert of the season.  There are additional rehearsals held periodically at other days and locations depending upon holidays, scheduling and need for additional rehearsals.

•  Chorale members will greet you and get you seated in your section. You will need to purchase from the Chorale (or otherwise provide) your own music at that time

•  Other requirements are detailed in the member handbook, including selling tickets to the three regularly-scheduled Chorale concerts

•  Ask about our scholarship program for members under 30! In addition, our president is available for confidential discussion with those who share our priorities but who cannot afford all of the financial obligations, either on a temporary or ongoing basis.

Auditions will be held at our annual September Sing on September 10th and thereafter by appointment only.  Prospective members can arrange to sit in on a rehearsal and audition afterwards.  Please complete the form below to schedule an audition time or if you have any questions.

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